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keep it away. >> reporter: landscapers raked leaves in this san rafael neighborhood. trying to keep the gutters from clogging up. but it's hard to make much of a dent with leaves still on the trees this time of year. pg & e had dozens of crews throughout the bay trimming trees away from power lines. >> they used directional pruning techniques to do that. every year we patrol every single mile of our transmission and distribution line that's more than 130,000 miles every year. >> reporter: workers are monitoring weather changes hour by hour, heavily staffing areas, expected to be hit the hardest but ready to move crews as storms arrive. >> we expect the storms to hit hardest here in marin and parts down in the peninsula as well. >> reporter: marin had public works crews checking for potential problem spots. >> what they are concerned about right now especially in west marin are the hillsides and the trees. the trees are going to cause some major problems if we have
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gusts between 35 and 55-mile an hour tomorrow. >> reporter: in addition to being prepared with fresh batteries and flashlights, pg & e is recommending you take some empty bottle waters, fill them up and freeze them. do that tonight in case your power goes out in the next few days you have a way to keep your food fresh for longer. cara liu, channel 2 news. the incoming storm has repair workers hopping including one repair company up in the north bay. >> we get a lot of calls from a lot of people last minute. >> reporter: john wills and his able roofing company were busy to batton down the batches there in one home. homeowners are anxious to get their broken shingles in good shape before the storm. after the storm blows through, will says he expects more calls to handle the leaks homeowners didn't know they had. our storm watch continues as hao people in the peninsula are
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preparing for the storm. extra crews were on hand and sandbags are a commodity, ken pritchett is live. >> reporter: the waves are relatively small, the wind is light and there's people still out in the pacifica pier enjoying the pier and fishing. it's likely they won't be there tomorrow. a gail warning will begin at 4:00 a.m. surfer terry wineburg watched the waves knowing this would be his last day of surfing for the week. >> trying to catch all the surf we can before it comes in tomorrow. >> reporter: surfers and fishermen did what they could before the storm. so did crews with san francisco public works clearing storm drains before the rain and winds threatened to clog them again. >> we're doing all we can but we've really stepped it up, bringing extra crews to be extra vigilant. going around the city to look for problems before they surface to make sure there's plenty of prevention going on.
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>> reporter: all of their crews will be on call tomorrow, roaming the streets looking for flooding and trees down by very strong winds. in addition sandbags have been made available to residents. >> the sandbags are something we always have them on hand but we just ordered 5,000 new ones to come in this morning so they're ready to go for the residents. >> reporter: this city crew spend the -- spent the morning in ocean beach. a near certainly that the waves we saw today will pail in comparison to what we'll see later this week. >> it's hard to surf when it's big like that. >> i bet. >> reporter: with that gail warning kicking in early this morning. the coast guard is urging boaters to use extra caution and to make sure before the storm hits that their boats are tied up because when those break lose, the coast guard or other agencies have to respond tieing up valuable resources. in pacifica, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a section of ocean beach in san francisco is still closed tonight after the rain last
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week caused some sewage contamination on the beach. today crews from the utility commission welded a manhole shut. it was the same hole that burst. >> we want to make sure we don't pass the problem on to another manhole so we've checked those out and made sure that they are secure and we're feeling confident about that. and then we also have made sure that our system is drained and ready to accept all the storm water and sewage coming into it with this next storm. >> the beach was scheduled to open this week but the opening is now delayed because of the upcoming storms. and we've got some storms to talk about. they're headed our way. we've been talking about them since yesterday, actually since last week. right now what's coming into effect are wind warning, it's a short window. around the coast that red area that represents wind warning. it is going to be extremely
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windy along the coast with winds gusts to 60 miles per hour. the rest of us a wind advisory. let's take a look at the storm as it sits. it's sitting offer shore. you can see there's a couple of parts to it. i'm going to move it up here so you can see better. there's two parts of this storm you see these two bands moving in. i'm going to highlight it here with the circles. right about there. what we're tracking is this first wave right here moving in. showers begin in the morning hours and the wind this second wave out here, actually has some thundershowers embedded in it. so we've got a couple of things going on. we have big wind, a chance of thundershowers tomorrow. and rain, here's the deal. rain on the morning commute. wind on the morning commute, what does it mean? snarled especially on the bridges that go east to west. wind will be pulling perpendicular. there will be problems tomorrow morning around 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. when i come back i have the wind forecast and you're going to be impressed by the numbers i show you in that morning commute. then i have the rain forecast then i have the rest of these
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systems to look at. as i said, tomorrow we feel pretty confident about. tomorrow when it gets here what it's going to do. there's more behind it that are lining up. the timing on the systems are mixed up. there are concerns that this storm could cause major problems for places hit hard earlier this year by wildfires. a live look at the potential for mud slides. and you can get up to the minute information on weather and traffic, you can download the ktvu app for your mobile device. you will then be able to view live traffic or weather too. a police shooting leaves an officer injured and a man on the run. rob roth has exclusive pictures of the car that was involved.
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>> reporter: what we began as an traffic spot turned into a shoot out. >> reporter: this is what the milpitas police car looks like right now. a bullet hole in the windshield. >> he did sustain a minor injury. >> reporter: it began on jackland road, when an officer a six year veteran pulled a car over from a routine violation. >> the driver of the vehicle opened fire on our officer. our officer was able to return fire, the violator fled in the vehicle. >> reporter: hours later they found the car blocks away abandoned. ktvu snapped pictures of this vehicle, a honda. >> it's pretty scary. thank goodness he's not here now. >> reporter: police towed the car, they say the honda was stolen. we found the registered owner who said it was parked at this
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apartment complex last night and this morning it was gone. schools in the area near the shooting remained opened. >> i'm very unnerved dropping my child off in school this morning and getting a phone call from the principal saying that it was safe to drop your kids off and going home and watching the news to see they hasn't caught anybody. >> reporter: police have release add description of the gunman, a latino man 20 to 25 years old, 5'6" to 5'9" tall, 160 to 180 pounds. he was wearing a back and white striped shirt. reporting live in milpitas, rob roth, ktvu news. a preliminary hearing got under way today in fairfield to determine if a man should stand trial for killing officer james kapoot. the man is accused of shooting kapoo during a chase. smith is tried and con
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sreubgtded he could face the death penalty. this hearing -- and convicted he could face the death penalty. a six hour stand off on treasure island ended with the gunman taking his own life this morning. the suspect was in a stolen car and led officers on a chase it began on san francisco city streets at about 11:00 last night. at one point the suspect fired a shot at officers. police chased the man to treasure island where he got out of the car and held a gun to his head. as a precaution, officers shut down all ramps to and from the island. >> so the fact that he had a weapon, was threatening to shoot himself and had already discharged the firearm, there's concern for public safe that if he fired that weapon, the public could be struck by gunfire. >> they found the suspect dead, they reopened the ramps to and from treasure island about an hour later. investigators say the man may also have been a suspect in a
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robbery and carjacking in benetia last week. the santa clara district attorney's office charged a 15- year-old boy as an adult today in connection with a crime spree that left one man dead and a police officer injured. investigators say adonas mosier helped carry out a string of crimes where he killed a 22- year-old man and shot and wounded a san jose police officer. moldro was arraigned on charges including murder with special circumstances and attempted murder of a peace officer. his alleged accomplice, 26-year- old jonathan wilbanks has already been arraigned but did not enter a plea. happening now in oakland, a dedication concert is getting under way for the victims of april's deadly shooting rampage at oikos university. they're dedicating a memorial garden to remember the victims. you see the vigil happening here. seven people were killed, three others were injured. former nursing student goh is being held without bail but his
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criminal proceedings are on hold due to questions about his mental competency to stand trial. our storm watch coverage continues with reporter david beanick live along highway 70 in plumas county to show us why residents are concerned. >> reporter: good afternoon, we're expecting upwards of 15 to 20-inches here in the feather river canyon which may cause the feather river blind behind me to rise quickly. this time the threat may come from the hillside above. machines drug scorched trees out of the 75,000-acre burn zone created last summer by the chips fire. >> it started on the far side of the hill and then came this way and went that way. >> reporter: brian jacobi and his dog live in a trailer on the bottom of the feather river canyon. right at the spot where heavy
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rains can turn the burned soil into a landslide. >> have you thought about going some where else for a couple of days? >> as a matter of fact, my sister is coming to get me, yeah. >> reporter: just across the feather river, a restaurant owner thinks the water will rise but it will not create a landslide. >> it just burned it lightly, it didn't really devastate it. >> reporter: how high can the feather river get? in february of 1986 it got this high. and in january of 1997 it got this high. utility crews plan to be busy throughout the storm cleaning debris from water intake screens. >> because everyone with a normal storm weather there's going to be more debris and sticks coming down so we're going to be looking at it quite frequently to make sure it's
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moving along fine. >> reporter: pg & e says these power stations operate just fine in all sorts of flooding conditions, they don't need people inside them. pg & e's concerns is if highway 70 closes it may not be able to get to these stations. david bienick. >> there's a somber anniversary outside of san francisco city hall for the anniversary of the devastating evidents that happened here 37 years ago. and fall out for apple, the app that did not work as well. the fall out for manager -- for management and who's now out of a job.
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make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. a somber vigil is on the way tonight to mark the day that masconi and milk were gunned down. john sasaki is live where san francisco's past and present are coming together tonight.
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>> reporter: hundreds of people are gathered in and around the steps of san francisco city hall. that right now that the music that you here is the san francisco's gay chorus singing to honor these two san francisco legends. as surprising as it may seem, it's been 37 years since mayor masconi and harvey milk were gunned down. every year the city residents come together to show the impact the two had on the city of san francisco. we've heard from a number of dignitaries. you were friend with harvey milk. tell me what really has happened in the 37 years? do you think we've gotten to the point where he would be proud. >> i think we really have. i think he would think we still
5:17 pm
have challenges. he was focused on many civil justices, obviously gay and lesbian rights. but also immigration he started to connect the dots. i think that their deaths informed the city of san francisco to people sometimes to rise up and say, as san francisco values. but we know what we're about. we know we push the envelope and we've always been rewarded for that. >> now, harvey milk had a movie made about him. you were in that movie but again there's the mascone center named after the mayor. does the mayor get tricked in all of this. does he take a backseat to harvey milk? >> i think it's true that you know harvey was in a position to lead a movement. which is some what different than what george's circumstances were. but without his alliance and
5:18 pm
without his friendship and his learning curb sort to speak, he and harvey were both on a learning curb about -- curve about what could happen. you're only as good as your friends. i do think that his son jonathan has really gifted the city with a wonderful production about his remembrances as a 12-year-old i believe when he lost his father. and what his father contributed. so even though it's 34 years, in the terms of history it's a blink of an eye. i think you will see a general leveling of that place. certainly there's nothing intentional. >> of course, of course. >> reporter: tom amiano assembly member, friend of harvey milk. everybody here will be marching to the castro to the spot that used to be harvey milk's camera
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store. john sasaki. the university of california board of regents confirmed the appointment of a new chancellor for uc berkeley this morning. nicholas starks will be the university's tenth chancellor. dirks is currently an executive vice president and dean at columbia university. he also worked as a professor of history and anthropology. dirks will take over as berkeley's chancellor starting june of next year. his salary will be around $468,000 a year. a new sex abuse claim against the moraga school district alleges that another former student was sexually abused by teacher dan whiters and that the district could have prevented it. whiters was a joaquin moraga teacher that was investigated for sex abuse when he committed suicide. this after the district came to an agreement with two other students. a third man claim that is
5:20 pm
he had sex with the former puppeteer for elmo. he met clash when he was 16 years old. the latest suit acknowledges clash and the teen kept in touch and even continued their relationship once the man turned 18. clash resigned from sesame workshop last week. a spokeswoman believes this lawsuit has no merit. there's word that a manager has been fired because of the new maps app. apple's ceo was even forced to issue a rare apology for the problem. now sources tell bloomburg that the man in charge of the software long time apple employee richard williamson was ousted. cyber monday may have gone
5:21 pm
better than expected for online retailers several reports say that online shopper was up more than 30% chaired to last year. data provide say that yesterday was the biggest single online shopping day ever. and ibm says that most people still prefer to use desktop computers and laptops but this year more than 18% of online shoppers used a mobile device. so far it's been a good holiday season for small businesses. according to the national federation of independent business and american express people spent almost 5-1/2 billion dollars on small business saturday. analysts say in its third year small business saturday made a big impact on local communities. the hope now is that the support of small businesses, retailers and restaurants will continue throughout the holiday season. stocks were down over concerns of the fiscal cliff. the dow finished down by nine points. the s & p500 was down seven points at the close. a lot to talk about with our weather let's get right to it. i think ken summed it up pretty well.
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it seems it's the calm before the storm. >> it is, and this is a healthy looking storm system. a series of storm systems. i have to tell you if it wasn't coming we would be going where's the rain. so this is what happens in california. i think we get something like this once every other year or once every year that we get a big serieses of storms. this is ours. this is the first one we may see more. we will come in a little bit closer and this first wave of showers moving through the bay area tomorrow morning during your commute. about 250 miles offshore. in that area, there are some -- very strong winds and even some thunderstorms behind it. the current radar. we have the radar sweep on. now when i come back tomorrow night and show you this radar sweep there's not going to be a lot on it. because the main event is tomorrow morning during the morning commute. you've got wind and you've got rain. the wind i think is going to take the headline with this thing. it's going to rain a bunch. but i think it's going to be
5:23 pm
very impressive. it's three-miles-an-hour out of sfo. it's calm in mountain view. see the arrows they're going south. this one is actually going east. when you look at wind arrows if you're a meteorologist. when they start tweaking south. we're coming into the influence of that low. tomorrow night when i show you these numbers they'll be out of the south and they'll be fairly strong. they'll be stronger. here's the forecast for wind where the winds will be the strongest. tonight 11:00, 39 miles per hour. watch what happens overnight. we get into wednesday morning. it's 48-miles-an-hour pacifica. that's windy, right coming up on 50 miles per hour. 46 in half-moon bay. 43 at stinson beach. 55-mile opinion hour winds tomorrow morning at pacifica at 10:00 a.m. so what's the point here? it's going to be howling. these are significant winds. you go up the coast a little bit you will find 60, you will find 65. out in the bay the winds will be howling. out on the richmond san rafael
5:24 pm
bridge it's going to be nasty. tomorrow morning's commute is going to be a real pain. wind is the problem with this. the wind strengthens and the rain comes. they're going to be team covering this thing because the morning commute is going to be dicey. the forecast models for tomorrow and how you can get through the day. rains right-hand rains-- rains rains will be coming in and so will the wind. and an unbelievable story out of oakland, as people reporting a crime on their cell phone find a gun turned on them while they're taking this video.
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rice met today with three of her harshest republican critics. but many say they are still angry on how rice handled the benghazi libya protest. >> if you don't know what happened just say you don't know what happened. people can push you to give explanations and you can say i don't want to give bad information. >> susan rice met behind closed doors with senator lindsay graham and mccain. they say they are furious about comments rice made directly after the september attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris
5:28 pm
stevens and three other americans. rice told sunday news shows the incident grew out of a spontaneous protest and was not a terrorist attack. now rice says that information provided by intelligence agents was wrong. the white house came to her defense today. >> ambassador rice has no responsible for collecting, analyzing and providing intelligence. >> ambassador rice released a statement today saying there was no attempt to mislead the american people. now susan rice is believed to become a top contender to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. president obama said republican critics should, quote go after me instead. stunning video from oakland. as two people in a car come face to face with someone pointing a gun at them from another car. and it didn't stop there. >> from afghanistan to federal court, why servicewomen are suing the department of defense.
5:29 pm
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caught on tape, something you probably haven't seen before. two money pointing a gun at the target, and the person taking the tape, their target. ktvu's paul chamber reports on the chilling video and why the police say the couple took a chance with their life. >> reporter: the people on this video are facing charges after they shot at the couple taking the video. police say it was around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the couple was driving near the intersection of foothill boulevard and high street when
5:32 pm
they came upon the suspects driving erratically and started recording them. >> the vehicle that they were recording was watching them and shortly after pulled alongside of them, pointed a firearm toward them and demanded the phone with the video. >> reporter: police say that's when the wife called 911 and gave officers a description of the two men then the couple drove off. police say the victims ended up here at the 4700 block of foothill boulevard. what they did not know the gunman had followed them. then one of the gunmen got in the victim's car and demanded the video at gunpoint. >> the husband and gunman got into a struggle. the husband got out of the car and told the woman to hit the gas. >> any time someone wants a piece of property from you, it's not worth your life. property can be replaced but you cannot.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: two hours after the ordeal began it was over when crosby and meadows were taken into custody. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu news. oakland police tell us they blurred the faces of the men because the incident is still under investigation. officers say they are still unsure which one of the suspects shot at the car. an iraq war veteran who was hurt during an occupy oakland clash with police is now suing for alleged abuse by jailers. sebeckey suffered a lacerated spleen and was arrested during the incident. he claims that the alameda sheriff's department delays getting him medical care. but officials say officers offered sebeckey medical care
5:34 pm
and took him to the hospital. melody osheroff was hit and killed. her father was with him and he had to have his legs amputated. the driver was convicted and was later killed while in prison. a peninsula community is in mourning after a redwood city girl was killed while riding her boing. 14-year-old leila beband was struck and killed on her way to high school. police say leyla was wearing a helmet and that the driver stopped and cooperated. parents stopped to express their sorrow. >> we just feel so sorry for the family. and i can't imagine, can't imagine losing my daughter or
5:35 pm
son. >> reporter: the investigation into the crash continues but police say it appears neither leyla or the driver committed any traffic violations. one person was injured in a shooting outside of a children's after school center. this happened on bay road and palo verde. the suspect shot the victim then ran away. the victim is in stable condition, police say they have no motive for this shooting and tell us the suspect is still on the run. a ground breaking lawsuit was filed today in san francisco to allow women to officially serve in ground combat. ktvu's david stevenson is in the city with the two reasons the aclu is taking this case to court. david-- >> reporter: frank the aclu says the current policy contributes to sexism and harassment in the military so they are taking this battle to court. the american civil liberties
5:36 pm
union today filed suit challenging the policy that officially bans women from serving in ground combat. >> the policy has the effect to close careers to servicewomen. >> reporter: the plaintiffs include four women who have fought on the ground in afghanistan. former marine corp. reserve captain zoey badel led an engagement team of 46 women. >> they wore the same gear and they carried the same weapons. >> reporter: hagar earned a purple heart. >> the vast majority of the men i have served in combat did not care if i was a woman they cared if i could do the job. >> the average woman is not as strong as the average man. and we -- it's a very physical physical environment. >> reporter: retired marines general myatt says infantry are physically overwhelming for men. >> you would have to ask
5:37 pm
yourself, is this the situation that we would like to say we're going to put our daughters in just so that they have an opportunity to advance in a career? >> reporter: active first lieutenant coleen ferril -- farrell is part of the suit despite disapproval from her commanders. >> there was some opposition but they knew this was something i was very passionate about. >> reporter: david steveson, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on women in combat. pentagon statistics show that more than 144 women troops have been killed in the wars in iraq and afghanistan and more than 860 women have been injured. of the 205,000 u.s. troops currently serving in afghanistan about 20,000 of them are women. it's a world many of us
5:38 pm
don't know. a surprising report on domestic workers and what they're put through by their employers. help wanted why president obama is asking to meet with yahoo's marissa myer. >> and the ktvu i pad app is ready to download. you can watch all of our newscasts live, plus drive time traffic, bay area weather and breaking news any time any where. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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lawyer who says he no longer wants to represent a new york man claiming part ownership of facebook is still on the case tonight. attorney dean boland asked a judge for permission to withdraw from the case. his request was put on hold after his client told the judge he doesn't want him to go. boland has not said publicly why he wants off the case. seglia says that he and mark zuckerberg signed a contract, awarding him with half of facebook. the domestic workers alliance revealed a report. the survey finds in the absence of legal protection, the workers are vulnerable to employer abuse and exploitation.
5:42 pm
many are often denied meal and rest pay, paid vacations or holidays. marissa myers scheduled to meet with president obama tomorrow about the fiscal cliff. the fiscal cliff is a combination of tax hikes. democrats want to raise taxes on high income earners but republicans oppose the proposal. stanford researchers say a high tech tool developed in the silican valley can help curve the growth of tuberculosis in prisons. the stanford researchers say the tool can be especially used in prisons in the former soviet union where they say tb is rampant among inmates. the elevated breast cancer risk here in marin county turns out not to do so special.
5:43 pm
what researchers have discovered around the rest of the bay. back here in 10 minutes we have a wind event coming tomorrow, we have rain coming tomorrow right on the morning commute. i'll time it out with the latest computer model. attacking graffiti with heavier penalties. why a policy change to deter taggers can also hurt area businesses. these lights are about to go up on high wire and it's going to impress the world. >> the pressure that caused a cruise line to back up on their ban of dressing in drag.
5:44 pm
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new bay area research shows an elevated cancer risk throughout parts of the bay area adding to the bay area risk. john fowler has what they know
5:46 pm
and they don't. >> reporter: the risk of breast cancer is 10 to 20% higher than state average, the big question is why. researchers track breast cancer neighborhood by neighborhood. and found among the state's highest risks neighborhoods ring in the bay. >> that's scary, i want to show why. >> environment, environmental immaterial pact. >> reporter: it's southern sonoma, western contra costa and alameda counties, western santa clara and san mateo county, not san francisco. but eastern marin county where there's already active research on breast cancer clusters. >> it's an opportunity to look at those areas, all those areas and see what's different and what's similar. >> reporter: barlow and researchers say they did not find a common cause. delayed childbirth, bottled water have all been proposed for the elevated risk.
5:47 pm
>> if it's all over the bay area the important thing is to look at environmental causes. >> reporter: activists say this new study should trigger cause for action by local health agencies. researchers say, they have ruled out a social economic factors. it has to be something else. reporting live in walnut creek, john fowler, channel 2 news. a new study suggests controversial u.s. mammogram guidelines could lead to a drop in breast cancer prevention. the task force recommended against routine mammograms for many women. now the study of older women on medicare find mammography tests dropped after that recommendation came out. screenings fell. some women may have dropped out of the mammogram screening all together. we could receive local flu forecasts much like we receive weather predictions. scientists say they have formulated a technique to
5:48 pm
generate local forecasts of seasonal flu outbreaks. the technique is adapted from the model used in modern weather predictions and could eventually help health officials and the public better prepare for flu outbreaks. like the weather, flu conditions vary from region to region and a flu forecast could estimate local outbreaks weeks in advance. the number of deliberately set fires around the country has increased around the country throughout the years. the economic downturn is partly to blame say experts. 16,000 arson fires have been set each year between 2008 and 2010. safety groups say some of those fires are due to a troubling number of foreclosure victims torching their own homes. >> homeowners facing foreclosures are desperate. some of them are just going to take the most extreme measure possible which is torch their place for insurance money.
5:49 pm
>> the increase in numbers of deliberately set fires also comes at a time when there's less money and people to fight them. there's more evidence tonight that the u.s. housing market is making a come back. prices increased from the previous month in 13 major metropolitan areas in its 20 city index. the bay area was among the regions that saw a price gain with an increase of 5.5% from august and experts say that dwindling supply and mortgage rates have helped boost home prices. for the first time ever, amgen tour of california will start in southern california. officials unveiled the 12 cities and states scheduled. the 750-mile elite come beteugs begins sunday may 12 in escondido. goes through the desert, santa barbara and up to the bay area. san jose will host individual
5:50 pm
time trial may 17, followed by the state's seven race from liver mother to mount diablo and the final leg from san francisco to santa rosa is may 19th. all right back to the weather because a series of storms baring down on the bay area. some areas could get five to 7- inches of rain. >> it is a ton of rain but it's going to be up in those north bay valleys. what we have now is a series of storms that are going to be difficult to time. what we have to do here. go one day at a time here. i can tell you it's going to be wet through monday. but timing it out on those latter storms on thursday to friday. it's a little early right now. let's just get through tomorrow and tomorrow is significant. as we look at the system, this first wave moves in. second wave moves in about mid- morning then it's gone. winds will be howling tomorrow. that's why there's a wind advisory throughout the bay area. a wind warning along the coast. it's going to be windy. my concerns right now are for
5:51 pm
the san rafael richmond bridge. the don barton bridge, they're going to peck -- perpendicular to that bridge profile. so tomorrow morning of course we'll be on that with mornings on 2. but the wind has a huge impact on the morning commute as well as the rain that's coming. system number one gets here tomorrow morning. it leaves by noontime. it's out of here. so it's a punch tomorrow. you will notice it. pick up mornings on 2 they start at 4:30. sal castaneda is in here. paul is here, everybody is here and they'll be talking about this because it's going to be significant. system two as we go from wednesday night into thursday. here's system number one, 6:00 a.m. winds are there, the rain is there. moving a little for 8:00 a.m., the winds is there, the rain is here. in this next wave, this is the second wave that's going to two through. there's a chance 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. we could get some
5:52 pm
thundershowers out of this. the storm has it all. it's got wind and rain. it's almost gone at 10:00 a.m. it's still real wet in the south bay. and then it's gone. that's how it goes. i feel good about that timing. mate -- it may be an hour this way an hour that way. this is a low latitude storm, low latitude storms bring tons of water and very high snow levels. the cold storms bring less water and lower snow levels. there's your five day forecast. don't be surprised tomorrow if the sun comes out. we get a nice break going into thursday. that's great. if we didn't have that great we would be sweating it. but there's a lot behind it. 6:00 we update again, then we update again at 10:00. >> fine tuning. thank you bill. an unusual call to a 911 operator. a man holding another man on the ground at gunpoint. what led up to this situation right after the break. much ga
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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a decision on the future of the drake's bay oyster company marin county is expected by next friday. the permit that allows the oyster farm to harvest oysters in the national seashore is expected to expire. but environment groups oppose
5:56 pm
that extension. they're expected to decide by the deadline of this friday. former presidential candidate and senator bob dole is in the hospital. tonight we're learning that the 89-year-old checked himself in for a routine procedure and is expected to be discharged tomorrow. today senator john mccain read a letter from dole urging the senate to improve the treatment of disabilities at war. an unusual call when a homeowner reported he was holding a man at gunpoint. ben ledbetter called 911 to report that a man was stealing cooper wire. he thought it was an animal and then he found the suspect. the suspect tried to steal two
5:57 pm
five gallon buckets of cooper wife and two aluminum tennis rackets. timing is everything right now as a series of storms take aim at the bay area and coming up in two minutes, we're tracking the changes taking shape and the spots that could get hit the hardest. new at 6:00, an east bay city wages a new war against graffiti. the new punishments being proposed and they aren't just for the taggers.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
i'm meteorologist martin in the stormcenter i'm tracking storm watch for you. >> and i'm cara liu with sandbags where people are preparing for storms. >> and i'm ken pritchett with storm watch, where winds can top 60 miles per hour. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we are on storm watch as a series of stms are taking aim at the bay area. some spots could see up to a foot of rain in the next few days. chief meteorologist bill martin brings us our weather. >> it's a good series

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